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Welcome to Interrobang‽

Something truly incredible happens. You can barely believe it. You want to tell your friends. You’re stunned. You’ve got so many questions.

So how the heck do you punctuate it?!

Wait, that’s it. Right there.


There! Exactly where “Wow!” meets “How?”

What is it!?

Is that an interrobang‽

In 1962, Martin Speckter offered a simple solution to a vexing punctuation problem, but it never really caught fire. I’m really not sure why. As somewhat of a grammar and punctuation fetishist, I understand and adhere to a rigid, hand-slapping code of ethics.

No, you may not end a sentence with a preposition!

Tsk, tsk. Didn’t I tell you to shun the passive voice?

But as a rogue, progressive thinker, I challenge the notion that incredulity or rhetorical questions can be expressed solely by either a lonely, begging question mark or a hyperactive exclamation point.

So what’s it going to be?!

Oh god, there it is again.

Exclamation point, buddy, you’ve got the right attitude. I really like your enthusiasm.

Thanks coach!

But you’re a little unwieldy, maybe too trigger happy. I need a guy who thinks.

Now, question mark, I like how you play. You know how to involve the whole team, with your, you know, questions.

Really coach?

But you’re a little too hesitant to shoot. I need a guy who can fire.

Even Michael had Scottie. Some things are just more effective together.

Welcome to Interrobang‽, your source for unanswered rhetorical questions. A place to revel in absurdity. A blog that pays due homage to great ideas with penguin wings.